Welcome to Heart Metabolics

Heart Metabolics Limited is pioneering a pharmaceutical therapy for the treatment of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (“HCM”).

HCM is a condition in which the heart muscle becomes thick. The thickening makes it harder for blood to leave the heart forcing the heart to work harder to pump blood, leading in many cases to heart failure. Sudden death is caused frequently.

There are over 100,000 cases of HCM in the United States alone, often presenting more severely in young adults and athletes; unfortunately the younger the individual is when diagnosed with HCM, the more likely that the individual has a severe form.

Although various cardiovascular drugs are currently used to treat HCM, there are patients who are not being helped by current therapeutics. In response to this medical need and based on encouraging phase II clinical trial results to date, Heart Metabolics is developing perhexiline as a therapeutic for all types of HCM. Perhexiline is currently an approved drug in Australia and New Zealand for the treatment of angina.

Heart Metabolics plans to conduct clinical trials in the U.S. and seek FDA approval of perhexiline as an orphan drug; the company currently has such an orphan designation from the FDA.